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      Tue Nov 21  · 8pm
      Sharjah Worship Centre
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      Sharjah Worship Centre
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      Sharjah Worship Centre
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      Sep 23, 2017
      UPF Talent Test 2017 Results
      It was a blessed meeting. Around 600 members witnessed the heart throbbing program.
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      Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

      Psalm 40:2-3

      As to description, David was raised out “of a horrible pit…” This isn’t the first pit David dealt with in the psalms (notice 28:1, 30:3, 30:9, 35:7) nor would it be the last (57:6, 69:15, 88:4, 88:6, etc). P.I.T. stands for Prophet In Training, so don’t be surprised when life elbows you and you slip sideward off the road. NAS says “pit of destruction”, Holman, “desolate pit”. Jesus endured the worst pit of all, descending into the “lower parts of the earth” (Eph 4:9) then taking captivity captive as He leaped to the right hand of the Father in conquest. If patient waiting and consistent praying lifted Him from “the pit wherein is no water” (Zech 9:11) then it will work for us as well.

      Pits are horrible places, consider an armpit, hog confinement pit, the pain down in the pit of your stomach, the abyss or the pit to which Korah and his sons fell, the pit into which Joseph was thrown, a lion pit, snake pit or whatever. Pits are the pits. Erma Bombeck asked, “If life is supposed to be a bowl of cherries what am I doing in the pits?” A pit can be a “pit”-iful place. But there is a blessing in the pit – the future of the tree is contained in the peach pit or cherry pit.

      The Psalm Forty pit was sloppy and slippery. He brought me up also “out of the miry clay…” In many of life’s perplexities human effort is totally futile. Ram the car back and forth from low to reverse and we only sink in to the axles. All our clawing and climbing only leaves us face down in the mud when the pit’s banks are caked with mire. No man can save himself. Sin is too slippery and Satan is too “slick” for us to rid ourselves from the horrible pit. Thank God for the tow chain! NIV says “slimy pit” and “mud and mire”. “He” brought me out! The same hand that grabbed Peter when he began to sink while walking on the water reaches out for you and me.

      Following power is a new position. He “set my feet upon a rock”; He doesn’t save us to lose us. He doesn’t pull us out of one side of the ditch only to have us slip off the other side. After the rescue is the rock. After forgiveness is foundation. He stabilized “my feet”, that is, my base of support, my walk; the direction of my life. The rock is the Word according to Matthew 7:24,25. When wind and flood beats upon that which is built upon the rock it fails in its enterprise.

      When feet are firm, then direction is stable, “and established my steps”, or “my goings” (KJV). He gets us out to get us going. The Living Bible says He “steadied me as I walked along”. The Lord doesn’t birth us then just leave us to the elements like some in the animal kingdom. He steadies us along till awkward baby-steps become confident mature paces. Big brother has to steady the handlebars until his younger sibling learns to balance and maneuver, but the time comes when assistance is no longer needed. God helps us get started but He doesn’t do the walking for us.

      This power and position leads to praise – out of the mire and into the choir! “And he has put a new song in my mouth – praise to our God” – new experiences produce new exclamations. You can’t have a new song until you face a new struggle. In verse one He anointed my voice to cry, in verse two my hand to reach then my feet to walk, and here He anoints my mouth to sing. In each step the Holy Spirit applies grace. Every benefit is an act of His goodness and His initiative. In verse one “he inclined”, verse two “he brought” and verse three “he has put”. Salvation is “not of works lest any man should boast”. But just as once He has set my feet upon the rock it becomes my duty to walk, so once He has placed the song in my mouth it becomes my obligation to sing. It is a song of praise. The sob songs of earlier chapters are over; all things are become new. So it is time for a “new song”. Life with Christ isn’t that same old song and dance. New birth and new worth ought to bring forth new mirth. “Praise” here is Hebrew t’hillah which implies laudation or exalting the Lord with a hymn or song.

      The last on this string of “P” words is purpose, there is a purpose in being pulled from the pit. Song becomes sermon – “many shall see it and fear…” A changed life is still the Gospel’s best advertisement. Instead of hearing the new song, it says many will “see it”. People on the outside are more visual than auditory. They watch what we do though they may not hear what we say. Seeing the drastic difference of a “new creature” in Christ, being raised from miry mud to melodious music evokes great awe within them, because they want to escape the quicksand too. It does not say that those who see it will clap, rejoice or praise the Lord but rather they will “fear” because the miracle will be so grand that it will cause them to stand with mouth agape once they witness what the Lord has done.

      David says these of the world would “fear” but he didn’t leave them in a state of panic. Their fear, that is, their awe and admiration at the work of God would lead them to saving faith – “and will trust in the LORD”. The purpose of the pit ultimately is to help us help others out of their pits.

      So if you’re in a pit, don’t quit! Like Joseph and here David, faithful believers are always promoted from the pit to the palace. Once you’ve endured the pit yourself you learn how to show “pit”-y to others. You learn that life in the pit doesn’t mean life is the pits for God has a purpose in whatever we go through. 

      All rights reserved © message by Kris Jackson

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